From diagnoses, to pushing myself too far, to learning to listen and turn it back inwards, to being here now.

A brief history of how I ended up here:

  • When I was 7, I had some kind of skin outbreak that landed me at the children’s hospital to get me check out - turns out I was dealing with cystic acne, something I was on every medication under the sun for from then until my late teens/early 20s… when I started to look for alternative options and found natural medicine, and changing my diet to see the biggest improvement yet!

  • Around the same time, I had just started to play roller derby. That love, of the sport, the competition, training and working with my team, truly connected to who I was inside. I loved it and put everything I had in to it. I even played for Australia twice! This lead to an amazing life of competition, flying internationally, having an incredible time with friends and teammates…but also lots of stress, getting up at 4am to work, go to school, then come home and train, getting to bed at 11:30pm, rinse and repeat. Which ultimately ended in injury, and then…

  • Complete burnout! I ran myself in to the ground at 26. My team was crushing, but behind the scenes my relationship with it wasn’t super healthy. I would binge eat chips on the train between work and class, hoping it would keep me going, only to fall asleep either on that same train, or even sitting up in class! I was also doing CrossFit 4-6 times a week, and piling on weight like nobody’s business. It wasn’t until I worked with my own practitioner who gently told me I needed to sit the eff down, or things could keep going pretty badly.

  • From that experience I learned the magic of Being Nice To Yourself, Taking It Slow, and yoga. I graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) and set sail to live with my then long-distance girlfriend in Vancouver, CA

  • Enter the next chapter of learning - Working in a functional medicine clinic with world class integrative doctors, naturopathic doctors, TCM doctors, remedial massage therapists, osteopaths, a chiropractor, two counsellors and a psychologist. And little ol’ me! My role was to sit in on the doctor’s sessions with their clients and take notes, then help them develop treatment plans, and work with out 300+ client database to help those people implement their plans. It was such an incredible immersive experience to learn how the doctors handle different conditions, how valuable my own input was to the cases, and how to be the go-to for solutions for literally hundreds of clients and their needs.

  • I also completed my 200hr yoga teacher training in Vancouver, fell in love with the people and the space, and the practice even further. This help me tap in to the power of your own mind, my intuitive guidance, and be unafraid of being both the fun and the soulful parts of myself. I used to be terrified someone would hear me say “manifest” or would judge if I recommended they slow down or tap in to their own breath, now I’ll tell you any day of the week about how it works intuitively and physiologically!

  • Here I also dove in to the world of things that aren’t commonly acknowledged. Accessing the vagus nerve, neuroplasticity, the power of the brain, the parasympathetic nervous system, how hormones talk to each other and your body, epigenetics, familial trauma - all of the stuff that is starting to be acknowledged by modern science, that has been embedded in old school philosophy for hundreds of years.

  • Alas, I missed the sun, and came home with my now-fiancé to set up my own practice back in Brisbane, Australia. Armed with the experience and the knowledge, I aim to include everything I’ve learned over the years to help others show up for themselves in their biggest, brightest way.

All that to say: This is how I arrived at my philosophy

  1. I want every human being to feel comfortable and happy in their bodies

  2. To fully access our whole human potential, we must embrace the science and be open to the metaphysical - which science is rapidly getting on board with

  3. N=1 - We are all our own experiment. What works for one may not work for everyone, but we can use other systems and measures as a roadmap to personal greatness

  4. Be kind to yourself, always