Elevate Your Life


Are you the kind of person who is always looking to move to the next level?

Are you known for being the go-to person, the one that holds it all together in your home, your office, your sport, your group of friends?

Are you the one that people turn to when they are stressed out and need to share the load?

And while you say yes, are you the one in the background who is floundering to take care of herself?

Do you feel like you’re constantly pushing sh!t uphill, trying to make ends meet in your own life while supporting everyone else around you?

Is your inability to say no and put on the breaks showing up in your life with unexplained inflammation, a weak immune system, no time to take care of your own body and mind?

Maybe for you it’s emotional - you’re teary; you’re short with your loved ones; and you’re turning to unhealthy habits, like emotional eating, one thousand coffees, and a handful of wines, to keep you afloat?

Are you unable to sleep, waking up feeling exhausted and like you’re ready to throw in the towel?

I get it.

I have been there.

I suffered through a complete burst of adrenal fatigue at only 27, which ran me in to the ground.

A not-uncommon picture - caffeine, sugar, and falling asleep sitting in class.

A not-uncommon picture - caffeine, sugar, and falling asleep sitting in class.

I was working 30 hours a week, training for international sports competition, and studying at university an additional 20-40 hours a week.

I was eating low carb, going to CrossFit 5-6 times per week, and gaining weight like nobody’s business.

I would fall asleep everywhere - on the train going home from work, sitting up in class - even while standing at the coffee machine!

I was the worst version of myself - snippy, demanding as much from others as I was from myself, unable to see the balance or the horizon.

I was pounding caffeine, and slamming junk food in secret. I was a nutritional medicine student who would power through a FULL SIZE bag of potato chips from work to school or home - then fall asleep RIGHT THERE on the train!

My body was shouting at me, and I was ignoring it.

I was demanding so much from myself, and restricting myself to the point of exhaustion. Of course, I have no time for myself.

You have to keep pushing.

You have to keep restricting.

The inner me wouldn’t let up; she wouldn’t relent.

Of course I didn’t have time to take a step back. Look at everything that I have to deal with!

I would tell myself this over and over again

Until finally, I stopped.

I finally learned to listen to the signals my body was telling me.

It took a long time to finally tune back in to my body.

To listen to the signals to slow down, take a step back, and recover.

I reconnected to the innate wisdom in my body.


I learned to tune back in to what my body was actually asking me for, and to nourish myself with food, movement, rest, and managing my stress.

And even more so - I learned how to tune in to how I was talking to myself, and how to flip the script on the voice that had been playing in the background of my mind for years on repeat.

It was through making these changes that I have been able to ELEVATE to my best self. And I can teach you the same connection to your own innate wisdom.

I teach overworked high achievers to go from exhausted, stressed out and poorly nourished in mind and body, to a thriving, vital career and home life.

Here is what I know, and what I know science backs up - Learning to take a step back, to rebalance your body and mind, and change the soundtrack of your Inner Voice.

The ELEVATE program is a 6 week one-on-one coaching program that gives you the tools you need to reestablish your body’s set-point can help catapult you forward in your healing journey.

What you will learn working with me:

  • Build a strong physiological base to catapult your mind and body in to the next stages of your health

  • How to eat, sleep, move and improve your brain for your conditions and your goals

  • Incorporate neuroplasticity to rewire your habits, actions and healing

  • Learn how the power of stepping back can slingshot you to the top of your game

  • Discover how your mind and self-talk has a physiological impact on your brain, your gut, your immune system, and your nervous system

  • Learn how to schedule and manage your time to create greater efficiencies in your life, work and play

  • Uncover the deeper layers of your subconscious are holding you back from achieving your ideal brain, body and balance

  • Use evidence-based and holistic practices to excel your personal growth

    Six weeks of 1 on 1 coaching for $585 AU Paid in full

    Or 3 Monthly Instalments of $222 AU

    Full payments receive a 20% discount

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