Simple health adjustments for high performing individuals


Work with an experienced clinical nutritionist, yoga teacher and former national athlete specialising in helping high achievers get more from their bodies and minds. Harness your health as a gateway to greater energy, motivation, productivity and creativity. Learn how changing your health with a few simple steps can accelerate your learning, career and personal growth.


Nutrition + Lifestyle Coaching

I offer personalised nutrition modifications, lifestyle recommendations, and personal coaching to help balance hormones, achieve more energy, support the nervous system, and create an optimal gut environment.

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Personalised Yoga Flows

Too busy to get to class but looking to include more yoga in your life? I tailor yoga flows to your time, space, energy, injuries, and goal outcomes.

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Belinda is a clinical nutritionist specialising in functional medicine. Her training as a nutritionist, yoga teacher, personal trainer and life coach give her unique insight in to how to optimise nutrition, movement and mindset to achieve your highest goals. 


When we achieve understanding of the root cause, the symptoms are no longer an issue.

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