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Have you been feeling like life is just… ugh.

You feel like you’re living for everyone else, meeting their demands and working on their schedule.

You feel stuck in the endless cycle of eat - work - sleep - repeat - and you’re starting to question if you’re even doing that right.

Maybe you’ve been dealing with some kind of health issue that you can’t quite put your finger on, but you know that niggle is about to turn in to a roar.

Or any time you finally catch a break, you catch a cold that puts you down for weeks.

You feel like there’s a fog over your life;

like you can see the outline of something bigger, but you feel weighed down by the constant cycle of answering to other people,

struggling to make decisions,

and putting all your energy in to everyone else, leaving nothing for you at the end of the day…

…which inevitably leads to pizza, Netflix and wine until it’s time for bed.

Or you’re trying to make the “healthy choice”,

but you’re so overwhelmed by all the conflicting information that’s out there, that you bounce from the fridge to the pantry and back again, only to give up and dive head-first in to the nearest bag of potato chips.

You may start the week with a game plan, decide to overhaul your whole life, only to find yourself back in the same place three days later, the plan of action long forgotten.

You find yourself looking around at what everyone else is doing and ask yourself “Why can’t that be me?”

You just want a simple roadmap to take you from A to Dream.

You know you’re meant to be doing something more, something bigger, and you’re ready to take command of the ship.

You are ready to blow away that fog, bring the colour back in to your life, and life the clear eyed, on top, badass life you know you want.

You’re ready to make decisions from a place of light, love, and overflow, instead of compromise and “good enough”

Girl you have that spark in you. Let’s light that sh!t up!

It’s time to break the cycle.

It’s time to stop playing the victim of your circumstance, your genes, your lifestyle, your schedule, and instead be the truly powerful leader of your own life.

It’s time to step in to the fully empowered, embodied version of you.

That secret badass you know is lurking inside of you.

Are you ready to Go from feeling overwhelmed, fed up and disengaged from your life,

to reigniting your spark, feeling more comfortable in your body, and going after the life you love,

All in 90 days or less? 


You got it. It’s already within you.

Hey! I’m Belinda. I’m a qualified clinical nutritionist, with a list of certifications as long as my arm.

I’ve worked in functional medicine, nutrition and movement for over 8 years, and in that time, I have realised that my passion and my purpose always comes back to this:

I want all women to feel amazing in their bodies, to know they have the tools, the skills and the talents, to be the badass leaders of their own lives that they truly are.

I believe all women should feel strong, empowered, and in control of their destiny.

We live our lives surrounded by noise - social media, podcasts, news, celebrity diets, documentaries, people telling us what to do

We have trained ourselves to block out our own internal guidance system, in favour of a pre-prescribed template that works for someone else, without considering what it is that we really want or need.

I teach you to listen to that internal guidance system, to tune back in to your body’s own needs, and set you on the path to #livingyourbestlife.

I know that you could be living a life so much bigger than the life you’re living now…

You just need some tools to get you there.

This is where we can come together to build your best life

You want to bring the spark back in to your life, feel better in your body, and turn the colour all the way back up in your every day?

Jump on a free Ignite Your Spark call and get real, actionable tools to start implementing today

Take a FREE 60 minute breakthrough call with me to take the stress out of decision making, dive straight in to all the things you’ve been questioning, and start implementing the tools to make big changes in your life today

You’ll walk away with:

  • A clear plan outlining your next steps and the life you want

  • The habits, behaviours and patterns that are creating the same results time and again

  • Simple shifts you can implement right away to start clearing the fog and showing up for your dream life!


say hi on ig! @connectedwithbelinda

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