Getting Back On Track In 2019

Every person with any kind of stake in the health world has been loading you with some heavy-duty plans for the New Year. Let’s take a step back and look at what you can do to ease in to the best, smartest, healthiest year yet.


1.     Work on your sleep

Sleep is the number one life improver. Getting your sleep on track means that your body has time to recovery, to metabolise food from the day, and literally allows your brain to flush out the junk it doesn’t need, and solidify the thoughts and memories you have been learning that day. I mean. If there is a stronger argument for focusing on sleep, I can’t imagine what it is. Here are some pointers for you:

·      Set a time to turn the lights down – After dinner, start to dim the lights. Set blue light blockers on screens, turn down the lighting to help the melatonin in your body to increase, sending you off to sleep at a reasonable hour

·      Establish a sleep routine – Set your alarm, put your phone away, take a shower, brush your teeth, clean your face, moisturise, stretch, read, turn off the light, think some good thoughts for your brain to marinate on, then off you tot

·      Use background noise if you need some quiet brain time – Yoga nidra, body-scan meditations, white noise, nature sounds, a bedtime story – whatever works for you

·      Take your vitamins – Add some magnesium to your night routine to help with a deeply restorative sleep. Over-active mind? Consider popping some peppermint, chamomile or 100mg of L-theanine to help keep it down


2.     Move mindfully

New year, new hardest workout you can possibly find? Really? What about, new year, new types of movement that make your body feel good? What about trying some different disciplines and branching out to find some things that make you feel great, bright and energised, instead of flatlined, bottomed-out and exhausted. I’m not saying there’s no space for both of those things, just that you don’t need to be all of one or the other all of the time. Ask your body in the morning, “what do you need today”, and go from there.


3.     Reduce or remove one toxic thing from your life

For you, this could be swapping margarine for butter and olive oil; or it could be a  person or Instagram account that makes you feel less-than; or the belief that you are not enough exactly as you are; or the belief that you will never get better or recover from x disease process in your body. You are not obligated to continue to do anything at all that does not serve you. I know you just said “but I can’t, for this reason…” and perpetuated the story you have been telling yourself for a long time now. I get it. Change is scary and new and hard. Changing habits to do something different is hard. Re-thinking your life and how you handle situations means accepting some level of personal responsibility, which is hard. The question you have to ask yourself is, do you want to go through the hardness of getting better, or through the hardness of living with whatever toxic thing it is that you’re cutting out? Kind of like the Marie Kondo “does this bring me joy” idea, but ask yourself “does this grow me, or does this hold me back?” Once you have your answer, you’ll know the right choice for you.



If you would like any further guidance on any of these things, I mix whole-person health care with taking care of your mindset to help people grow in to their full potential, in health, business and life. If this is something you are interested in taking the next step in, I invite you to schedule a free 20 minute call with me, where we can unpack what your needs are, and tailor solutions to you.


With loving kindness,