On Changing My Business Name

When I first decided to create an Instagram account for the work I’m doing, I was SO afraid. I was afraid anyone would see me, I was afraid I’m not smart enough for people to listen to, I was afraid people would judge me or “come for me” - like, what does that even mean?⠀
But I’m not that girl anymore. ⠀
I’m not the person who’s afraid of my opinions. ⠀
I’m not the person who doubts how clever I am. ⠀
I’m not the person who thinks “what if I can’t help people? What if my stuff doesn’t work?”⠀
Not only do I work incredibly hard to deliver top-quality healthcare outcomes for people, but I know myself better now. I know what I do.⠀

I help people get connected to what’s happening in their bodies. I help you get connected to what YOU need. The people who work with me get better, feel better, get better connection to their bodies, their minds, and their health.⠀

And I no longer need to hide that. I get to choose openness, YOU get to choose to get better, to feel better, and to build a better life in your body. And I can help you with that. Now is the time to get Connected with Belinda, and get connected to You.